The Davis Bike Collective is entirely volunteer run. We rely on a committed network of community supporters keep the doors open. We want your input and involvement- your participation helps to make the our community shop what it is! Contact us, our phone and email are listed at the bottom of the page, or show up at our next meeting, listed on our calendar, to see how we work and what we’re all about.

How do I get involved?

Come by during a shift and let the shift lead know you’re there to volunteer. You may also want to join our All Volunteers email list. This is where we discuss many of the decisions at the Davis Bike Collective. We ask volunteers to abide by our Volunteer Agreement.

To learn more about our operations and philosophy see our Volunteer Handbook.

Can I get credit for an outside organization?

We welcome outside organizations to come in and collaborate with the Davis Bike Collective, and we definitely want to give credit to those who work on projects here. Please talk to a senior volunteer (a Bike Minister) for more information.