Repair or Build a Bike

Visitors to the Davis Bike Collective can repair bikes they already own or build bikes up from varying states of incompleteness. We have a few special options for folks who visit us frequently or who plan to build a bike and return to maintain and repair it.

How do I fix my bike?

Our volunteers are here to guide you. We also have books and other resources so you can teach yourself, too! If you want to do some research before visiting the shop see our Self-Learning Resources.

How do I get a bike or parts?

Saunter in and ask us what’s available! We ask for a donation of $50 for incomplete bikes unless labeled otherwise, more complete bikes will have a suggested donation hanging off of them. Patrons are expected to make sure a bicycle is safe to ride. Our volunteers and Build-A-Bike Checklist are around to assist with this assessment.

Suggested Donations

Build-a-Bike (frame, + used parts for 1 year) – $50

Parts (used) – Fair Value As Labeled

Shop Use during Open Shop for 1 year – $50

Shop Use for 1 day – $5