The Davis Bike Collective is a non-profit 501(c)(3) operates solely on volunteer time and contributions from donors. We would not exist without the generous help from many people. Our operating costs are relatively low but we still need to meet rent, buy tools, and fund our outreach projects.

What can I donate?

Donate Time

We need help doing projects, running the shop, administration tasks, and doing outreach. Check out the Volunteer page to find out the best way to share your time, smarts, and energy with us!

Donate Bicycles and Parts

We love bicycles and bicycle components, so please bring in that old cruiser or road bike for donation. Your donation will be turned into used parts that are available for anyone to build or repair a bicycle, and help sustain the vibrant community at the Davis Bike Collective. These bikes are the food for our patrons, who will either get a new ride, or use parts to help repair a beloved bicycle.

Donate Tools

We also love tools! The more tools the better! With so many folks using them, much more than an average bike shop, we intensely need bike specific tools, as well as general purpose tools. So if you have unused tools in your garage, help us out and bring them in!

Where and How to Donate Bikes, Parts, and Tools:

Please bring your donations of bikes and tools to the Davis Bike Collective during open shop hours. If you don’t mind your donation being picked over by passersby, then you can leave the bike in the bike racks in the front courtyard after hours.

Donate Money

As much as we’d love run the shop for free, the world works with money and we have to pay rent, buy tools, fund projects, and pay for many administrative tasks. We have a budget between $20,000 and $30,000 a year, and we do it all through your donations. We ask all patrons to contribute financially to the cooperative shop, but we don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Where and How to Donate Money:

If you come to open shop hours at Davis Bike Collective, you can donate cash or check in-person the minister on duty. You can also mail a check written to The Davis Bike Collective to 1221 1/2 4th Street, Davis, CA, 95616. If you would like a tax deduction receipt, be sure to include your name and address so we can send you a receipt.

Do I get anything for donating?

In addition to receiving warm fuzzy feelings, your donations (both physical and monetary) to the Davis Bike Collective are tax deductible! If you would like a receipt of donation for your taxes, please let us know and provide your name and address for the receipt. Please note that donation value will be left blank on the receipt for you to fill out, as we are not able to estimate the value of your possessions.