Bike Building and Maintenance:

Visitors to the collective can purchase bikes, bike parts, and accessories, as well as repair bikes they already own or build bikes up from scratch or partial repair.
DBC has a few special options for folks who visit us frequently or who plan to buy a bike and return to maintain or repair it.

How do I fix my bike?

Our volunteers are here to guide you! We also have books and other resources so you can teach yourself, too!

How do I buy a bike or parts?

Saunter in and ask us what’s available! Incomplete bikes are $50 flat, completely refurbished bikes will have a price tag panel hanging off of them.


Build-a-Bike (frame, + parts for 1 year) – $50
DBC-Built Bike (bike, + parts for 1 year) – Fair Value As Labeled
Parts (used) – Fair Value As Labeled
Year of Membership (Unlimited Shop Use for 1 year) – $50
Day Visit (Unlimited Shop Use for 1 day) – $5